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Own analysis:

FORTIA has a team of highly qualified analysts who develop an independent view of the spot and forward market.

Personalized consulting advice:

based on FORTIA’s vision of the market and on the risk strategy of our customers, we work together to create the best trading plan to purchase spot energy versus forward and to determine the right time for the purchase.

Daily metering:

FFORTIA carries out daily readings of the meters and publishes these metering data (15’ resolution, active and reactive) on an internal website for its customers.

Monitoring tax costs:

Monitoring the surplus reactive and powerand advising on capacitor banks and new optimal power.

Dealings with distributors:

Management of possible claims concerning the distributors, as well as consulting advice, monitoring and processing of new connections, power extensions and new supplies.

Regulatory monitoring:

FORTIA monitors the regulatory progress and gives a detailed report to its customers, thereby informing them with full disclosure about any change that affects the OMIE (OMI-Polo Español S.A.) or REE (Red Eléctrica de España) / REN (Sistema de Informação de Mercados de Energia) prices.

Analysis of relevant issues:

When the situation requires it, FORTIA carries out specialized analysis and simulation exercises, which are shared with its customers, e.g. monitoring of nuclear shutdowns in France and their influence on the OMIE market, price expectations in the long-term resulting from the new investment cycle renewables, etc.

Standard and personalized reports:

We share our market vision with our customers in monthly face-to-face joint meetings and also in bilateral meetings. Moreover, FORTIA provides its customers with a large amount of high quality market analysis information.


Future market prices estimates

That allows the optimization of production planning, both in the short and medium term, thanks to the monthly price estimates within more than a year.

Personalized prices estimates for each customer and plant

Based on the expectation of the spot market, forward purchases already made and consumption estimates not covered by forward purchases.