Discover what defines us

97% Customer service satisfaction

93 % Satisfaction in the individualized management of forward contracts

92 % Customer global satisfaction

Direct purchase in the spot and forward wholesale market

FORTIA purchases energy for its customers directly from wholesale markets, thanks to its high volume, and transfers it without intermediation costs.

Flexibility in payment:

FORTIA offers financing in the payment of the supply of up to 2 months from delivery and with the best financial cost in the market, thanks to the issuance of “bonds” in the MARF (first issuer of bonds outside the IBEX).

Long-term competitive supply with Purchase Price Allocations (PPAs):

We maintain contact with non-incumbent suppliers to obtain the best prices for the purchase of energy, especially in long-term energy purchases linked to renewables.

High customer satisfaction:

FORTIA conducts annual satisfaction surveys among its customers. During the last few years, the average level of satisfaction is around 90%.

Competitive prices:

Supply of energy at the best price, with full disclosure and based on the purchasing cost of the OMIE wholesale market and forward contracts plus the sum of the costs of:

  •  System operation applied by REE
  •  Network access costs (optional)
  •  Financing of payment postponement (up to 2
    months from the supply)
  •  Others: Energy Efficiency Fund, Municipal Tax.

Predictability of cost and flexibility in consumption:

The closing of forward purchases of future energy needs at a price determined in advance allows to reduce the uncertainty of the expected future average price. Purchases are made by “clicks”, without limit by size or frequency and free of surcharges on market quotations. “Take or pay” conditions do not apply, and possible future variations in consumptions are settled without surcharges in the wholesale markets.